Component Prep

A complete assortment of component prep materials is available to provide a comprehensive “system” solution for all autoclaved components. Bags, covers, tubing and wrappers of any shape or size can be provided to make this process the most efficient. High-performance, reliable materials with strong seals are used to improve cleanliness, provide ultimate microbial protection and facilitate aseptic set-up of components inside the sterile area.

Challenge us with your most demanding wrapping problem…

  • Large, bulky, heavy items
  • Irregularly shaped components
  • Sharp edges, points, corners
  • Autoclave pouch failures
  • Excessive and inconsistent use of tape
  • Hand cutting
  • Uneven steam penetration
  • Residual moisture after drying
  • Inefficient use of of autoclave cycle
  • Shelf life limitations
  • Excessive handling post-sterilization
  • Sterile transfer issues

Product Solutions