Cleanroom Problem Solvers

STERIS Barrier Product Solutions has over 25 years of experience solving problems in aseptic processing areas. Many of our solutions are unique to a given facility. However, other solutions can be applied to any sterile cleanroom operation. See how these common cleanroom problem solvers can improve your operations, increase regulatory compliance and enhance your adherence to cGMPs.


Sterile Trash Bags

These polyethylene bags are a convenient way to hold refuse or other items for removal from a sterile area.

Sterile Mop Bucket Liners

These presterilized mop bucket liners create a truly sterile receptacle for sterile cleaning solutions. Our rugged liners are supplied sterile and packaged 1, 2, 3 or 4 per pack to accommodate the type of bucket system in use.

Sterile Media Plate Transport System

The sterile media plate transport system provides a means to protect media plates as they are transported from aseptic areas to testing labs.

Sterile Tyvek Tape

Presterilized Tyvek® tape is a convenient way to solve a variety of everyday cleanroom issues such as sealing, mending, attaching and labeling.