Sterile Media Plate Transport System

The sterile media plate transport system provides a means to transport media plates from aseptic areas to testing labs. This system protects media plates from “false positives“ which may occur prior to the samples reaching the micro lab. By capturing the environment within the aseptic area prior to transport, the risk of contamination during the transit process is eliminated.

Contents of the system include : 2 media plate bags, 1 media plate tray, 1 transport bag. Contents are provided in a sterile pouch. Sterile media plate transport systems are sterilized in lots using ethylene oxide gas sterilization. Each pouch includes a lot number for traceability.


  • Captures the environment being monitored
  • Provides impervious layer of protection in the event of a mishap
  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Simplifies transit process
  • Economic alternative to HEPA filtration transfer cart
  • Sterile

Sterile Media Plate Transport System Contents

media plate bags

Media Plate Bags (Quantity: 2)

Material: Tyvek®/polyester film

Color: White/clear

Size: 10” x 11” (25 cm x 28 cm)



media plate transport tray

Media Plate
Transport Tray

Material: Polystyrene

Color: White

Size: 9.5" x 12" (24 cm x 30 cm)


transport bag

Transport Bag

Material: Polyolefin

Color: Clear

Size: 16” x 22" (40 cm x 56 cm)



To use the sterile media plate transport system in the aseptic area:

  1. Remove the tray and bags from the sterile pouch.
  2. Separate the contents.
  3. Load the samples into the two media plate bags and seal.
  4. Place the samples in the transport tray.
  5. Place the tray into the transport bag and seal, and transport the samples to the testing lab.
  6. In the testing lab, clean-tear open the transport bag. Protected samples are now ready for incubation.
Sterile Media Plate Collage