Sterile Tyvek Tape

Sterile Tyvek® tape can be used for sealing, mending, attaching and labeling in aseptic areas. Tape is cut into 3” x 20" (8 cm x 51 cm) strips and packaged in pairs within a sterile pouch. Sterile Tyvek® tape strips can also be wrapped around sleeves or ankles to provide positive closure to gloves or boots during cleanroom gowning. STERIS Barrier Product Solutions sterile tape is sterilized in lots using ethylene oxide gas sterilization. Each pouch includes a lot number for traceability.

sterile tyvek tape intro2

  • Positive glove closures
  • Secure boots to coverall legs
  • Labeling
  • Prevent hoses, tubing and plastic from sliding
  • Attach trash bags to table or bench edges
  • Sterile
  • Supplied in peel pouches

Sterile Tape Strip Styles

sterile tyvek tape strips

Tape Strips

Material: Tyvek®

Color: White

Sizes: 3” x 20” (8 cm x 51 cm) strips (supplied 2 per pack)