Cleanroom Tools

The introduction of tools and utensils into a sterile cleanroom environment is an everyday challenge. Many tools cannot be autoclaved, and those that can be present issues of preparation prior to use and tracking after use. STERIS Barrier Product Solutions offers a variety of commonly used cleanroom utensils that are presterilized and packaged to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance for your sterile cleanroom operations.


Sterile Pens & Markers

Sterile pens and markers satisfy the regulatory need for control of writing instruments in the cleanroom.

Sterile Forceps intro

Useful for grasping and manipulating small components, including vials, these forceps can be used to eliminate the sterile prep required when using stainless steel forceps in a sterile area.

Sterile Scissors intro

Eliminate the need to autoclave scissors for the cleanroom. These stainless steel scissors have a blunt and a pointed end.