Covers & Closures

STERIS Barrier Product Solutions Covers and Closures fit machines, equipment, racks, carts and all sorts of small openings in your production area.  Made from strong, durable Tyvek®, covers and closures are available in STERIS Barrier Product Solutions exclusive GMP print, in white or with a yellow poly-coating. While disposable, these covers and closures are tough enough to be used many times before being replaced.

  • Protects all sizes of equipment
  • Simplifies conformance to SOPs
  • Reduces cross contamination
  • Breathable - allows wet surfaces to dry
  • Lint-free, anti-static
  • Will not shed or attract particles
  • Form-fitted
  • Designed to be fast and easy to apply
  • Made from Tyvek®

GMP Equipment Covers

GMP Equipment Covers provide a convenient means to protect machines, carts and other equipment in production areas. These covers can be used to make idle equipment GMP compliant and simplify conformance to SOPs.

Tyvek Bowl Covers & Mini Closures

Tyvek® Bowl Covers and Mini Closures provide a convenient means to cover bowls, flanges, flasks, beakers, containers, media bottles, and hoses.

Tyvek Bags

Made from 100% Tyvek®, and available in almost any size, these bags fit  very large, heavy or irregularly shaped components, or very small parts.