Sterile Cleanroom Apparel

Gowning and regowning present particular challenges in a sterile environment. STERIS Barrier Product Solutions specializes in providing cleanroom apparel packs designed, assembled and packaged to facilitate adherence to gowning SOPs. Our cleanroom face masks, goggles and other accessory items solve issues related to regulatory compliance, operator comfort and proper aseptic technique.


Sterile Cleanroom Apparel Packs

Designed to simplify aseptic gowning to save time and reduce the risk of contamination. Each pack contains a Tyvek® coverall, shoulder-length hood, high-top boots and a face mask.

Sterile Cleanroom Face Masks

A variety of face mask styles are available to meet the preferences of each manufacturing area. The most popular styles include a unique set of side extensions that expand the coverage of the face mask.


Cleanroom goggles are available sterile.

Sterile Cleanroom Hoods

Sterile hoods are made from Tyvek®. These shoulder-length hoods are available with three face cutouts: diamond-face, full-face and eyes-only.

Sterile Cleanroom Sleeves & Armcovers

Sterile sleeves and armcovers are available made from Tyvek®, poly-coated Tyvek® or spunbonded polypropylene.