Sterilization Wrapping System

For autoclave sterilization, we provide an unsurpassed assortment of component prep alternatives. We use the optimal materials to create bags, tubes, covers or wraps in many sizes and shapes to simplify and improve your steam sterilization process.  These products are designed to save you time, increase compliance, and reduce risk of contamination.

Our Tyvek® - based bags, tubing, wrappers and covers address the toughest problems that plague your component prep department. Challenge us with your most demanding wrapping problem:

  • Large, bulky, heavy items
  • Irregularly shaped components
  • Sharp edges, points, corners
  • Autoclave pouch failures
  • Excessive and inconsistent use of tape
  • Hand cutting
  • Uneven steam penetration
  • Residual moisture after drying
  • Inefficient use of autoclave cycle
  • Shelf life limitations
  • Excessive handling post-sterilization
  • Sterile transfer issues


All-Tyvek® Bags, Tubing & Wrappers

Made from 100% Tyvek®, and available in almost any size, these steam sterilizable bags, tubing and wrappers are ideal for very large, heavy or irregularly shaped components.

Clean-Peel Tyvek® Film Bags & Tubing

Clean-peel Tyvek® film bags and tubing are made from Tyvek and a polyester-based flexible film. These bags offer a higher strength alternative to paper/film pouches for steam sterilization.

Tyvek® HDPE Film Bags & Tubing

Tyvek®/HDPE film bags and tubing are made from Tyvek and a polyethylene/HDPE flexible film. This combination of materials yields superior seal strength for stoppers and other critical items.

Tyvek® Mini Closures - Autoclavable Mini-Muffs

Tyvek® mini closures provide a convenient means to cover flasks, beakers, containers, media bottles, valves, pipes and hoses.  These closures are autoclavable and can be used during steam sterilization to reduce time consuming wrapping of open containers.

Tyvek® Stopper Bowl Covers

Tyvek® bowl covers provide a convenient, time-saving method of wrapping stopper bowls prior to sterilization. These covers promote excellent steam penetration and drying during sterilization.

Blue & Green Sterilization Wrap, Bags & Covers

Cellulose-based wrapper material is formed into bags and covers to provide an incremental improvement to the component prep process.

Sterile Transport/Storage Bags

Sterile transport bags are used to contain wrapped items after sterilization to provide protection from environmental factors, which could compromise sterility.